What I’ve been up to lately.

One, I’ve been looking into this kickstarter project to raise funds for making North of the Grove. More on that later. The other thing that I’ve been looking at is this:




I saw a video a few days ago of a Venezuelan inmate who shaved his wife’s head after he found out she was cheating on him. Of course questions arose of the obvious freedoms allowed in Venezuelan prisons. All that came second to the obvious disturbing scene of a bunch of guys holding a woman down for this to take place. This was one of the first videos I’ve seen where every thought I considered came up in the comments:

• Why didn’t he just end it?
• Should she consider herself lucky (women have been beheaded in that part of the world for this)
• Does he really think this will stop her from doing it again (men will screw anything so…)
• Did she stay with him after?
• Why did he need a bunch of other guys for this (I’m thinking it was so publicly known that he had to do something for his pride)?
• How long was he in for? Is that even a legitimate question to ask/justify what she did (marriage is marriage (?))?

I thought about posting the video on fb for a discussion and decided not to. People are too tight with PC to really delve truthfully into this. Still, the video stays on my mind.

I get the damned if you is/damned if you ain’t of this. I could be branded an asshole for looking carefully into this – anything not tantamount to completely condemning this at face value with no further discussion is sacriligious. Thing is, I am of the dirty feminist mindset. The feminist aspect makes me aware of atrocities like mass rapings in the Congo, of inequality for women in wages, of the minor allocation of resources for women’s health issues in the world of medicine. As for the dirty aspect, being sympathetic does not mean I will not call out a woman for being foul (which, these days, equals misogyny). Foul is foul. I despise any vibe I get from women looking to use feminism as a means to duck being responsible or accountable for anything foul they do. I am not the one entertain notions of being shitted over for some passive aggressive reparations vendetta. This means my toying with the idea of making a story out of this would be explosive. Naturally, I’d complicate it with different twists and turns.
We’ll see.


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