Fun-sized films


It shook me, however, I prevailed. I brutally cut a copy of my two hour “North of the Grove” screenplay to a 25 minute film short. This allows me to shop it to places like the Miami Film School, so I can find a film student to take it on as a project and go the film festival route. Had to do it, no substantive responses were coming back on the people I approached. In addition to this, I’ve been hearing from some insiders that the screenplay’s synopsis even read like an indie film (which always brings to mind film shorts, to me at least). I keep wondering if there’s some exact verbiage to use with these producers/directors that allows some proverbial gates to open and have people suddenly stop putting off my aspirations. I’ll just have to learn it as I go. The short, miraculously, packs the same punch as the full feature. It turned my insides to cut certain lines that have become catch phrases to me. I had to trust the arc of the story to deliver the same impact (and then some) as those lines. I can see more of a reliance on the strength of the acting as well to transmit in the short more of what is simply said in the full feature’s dialogue. A definite learning experience. I feel as if I am a survivalist coming across a titanium bowie knife to go along with my weighted machete; A brother feels better prepared to chop and cut away objections in order to sell this project to whomever – in whatever format they demand.


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