Getting to know you… Casting call adventures

PicsArt_1382274707792Me in Lou Rawls Center for the Performing Arts during a break in auditions,

rocking my neo-Fred Sanford-say-the-line-right-you-big-dummy cap with

matching accessories.

Things went fairly well except for my goofy ass leaving copies of the script at home (ever had more than enough time to get ready for an event and still leave something?). We adjusted though. The turnout was sparse in my opinion, however, we got some quality talent to come our way. Won’t get into their names just yet… notable standouts are for the Roman role (which I was expecting… Roman is an understandably frustrated dude with a talent for getting in people’s grills and throwing down when necessary. What dude wouldn’t want to get some steam off legally?). We have a hopeful for Howard’s role. Dude is smooth has a refined way about him from the jump. A Gabrielle Union sound-alike came in for Tiffany’s role. She had the underlying emergency stankness that Tiffany requires. This one dude came in so cold and stiff it was amazing. I was like prepping dude constantly (“Ok in this scene, Roman’s coming at you. He will swing and damn dear dent your sternum! And action!”). It did no good at all. Absolutely amazing. There’s this guy that came in with this booming Vin Diesel voice. A real physical dude. I’m not sure if I even have a fitting role for him but I like his energy.If I can get him in, it has to be a situation where he says something. Dude’s voice is the truth! Oh well, off to schedule the next casting call. We have to find Sharia, the male news reporter, David (Man! The lady with the 10yr old twins couldn’t make it. I must meet her boys. The could be my David(s)). Stay tuned. I’ll be going over the footage we got tonight for more decisions.


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