Riding rollercoasters blind, with no seat belt, and a fat lady squishing the hell out of you


This is the mantra right about now. The second open casting audition opened new possibilities in casting. I believe a friend of ours has the boy that will be David in the film. I like his energy and I’m looking forward to having do a table read of the script with our other lead characters. I tell you, my friend Russell Motley is becoming quite the casting director. Dude recommended this six foot three white guy with tats for the guard role, right? Man! Dude came in with some sort of security uniform, just looking the role completely. We will be having him flexing in the film. He also brought his wife, a sister, her daughter (who is a new mother) and the daughter’s daughter, a gorgeous 6 month old who is going to be Korinne in the film! This girl was so cute! She had the chipmunk cheeks and everything! How do fathers keep their money with baby girls around like that?! We also have a seasoned actor in the role of Nathaniel. He’s from FAMU (yes an alum) and has done work in the New York theatre circuit. Our profile will upgrade yet again when I get another of my FMU colleagues to act a part as well (and I’m going to get him). Clearly this is the fun, easy part of development as far as the title of this entry is concerned. The blind aspect is not knowing what is going to happen next. The seat beltless deal is the fact that our Sharia/Eve? Howard’s parents remain elusive. The fat lady is time crushing the hell out of me. We need to get our actors for all the roles on board and committed by this weekend so they don’t get ghost on us when we shoot the trailer come Xmas time. Fear not, you see the mantra; I’ll poke big lady with an elbow for room and make magic happen!


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