Blood on Film



I suppose it was inevitable. The sudden inspiration from watching me run hither and thither with this project. The curiousity. The motherly suggestion of this being another way to spend time with the kids. The polite asking: “Dad, can we be in your movie?”
Yeah, if you on point with what you doin’.
I ain’t tryin’ to do a LaToya Jackson move (I can mess with Reebie, though. “Centipede” was the funk). All kinfolk must be artistically solid in their own right. It gives them the push they need to be confident in their own identity and pursue the artistry further. I’m not trying to have what I’m doing grounded artistically by throwing in relatives that see this as bandwagon success to ride in with or just to elbow friends to announce their three seconds of fame while watching the movie (Can’t allow no fifteen seconds; This is a film short!). The crisis seems to have been averted; I’m blessed with two talented boys.
Ashanti has been working on making tracks for a career in music/rap (Nitrose). They have promise (understand that I grow weary of every black boy on the planet wanting to rap, so anyone that comes near me with that line had better be bringing something new to the tired bragging I hear on the radio). I need a Miami-styled instrumental for the film. He brings the guitar and a Hendrixian vibe to it all as you can see on the link. I like what I’ve heard him working on thus far.
Amiri has auditioned for the part of Effrom, David’s neighbor/low key rival. As you can see, he did a fair enough job. In fact, I sent audition to the director with no word of him being my son and the director liked it. So that’s that I suppose. I do think about how this project will affect them. Whenever I feel overwhelmed about making this film, I breathe deeply, remember how this is going to make me far more attractive as far as employment and working with other projects, and, equally important (if not the most in many respects), I think of how it will indeed inspire them to go after their dreams and not settle in fear.
think of


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