Old Macs, War plans and fake food from Starbucks

imagesThis past Tuesday (Dec.31st New Year’s Eve), I met with Fred and Erica in poorly lit Starbucks bereft of most of their sandwiches, pastries and their decent wi-fi. Apparently, Christmas cleaned them out. I’m not feeling Starbucks as much as I used to. They’ve let their brand go down with jaded, overly caffeinated folks who mess up your orders more than Taco Bell. Anyway, the N Grove triumverate convened to discuss our progress now that the monumental, historical, earth shattering trailer has been shot. I paid the last of the needed expenses for the casting/rehearsal/filming and editing for the trailer (it’s definitely time to start fundraising). Fred showed me bits of some of the footage. It looks so nice! I know I’m speaking like a mother who could find something wonderful to say about her ugliest child… still, the 1080 resolution’s crisp and soft just where it needs to be. I saw bits of the Howard/Tiffany argument. Darlene’s got great bone structure. I’ve never said stuff like that but, real talk, there’s no other way to say it. Couldn’t see any of the scenes in their entirety because Fred’s Mac was created when Ice Cube just decided to cut his jheri-curl  (meaning the computer’s hella old), couple that ancient processor with the bootleg Starbuck’s wi-fi… I saw what I saw though and what I saw is what you gotta see! (Erica complained of not eating the whole day. Knowing how evil she is without food, I forgot this Starbucks didn’t have much when I tried to offer her something, but she said she’d just embrace her evil because Starbuck’s only has fake food.)

Which brings us to the brass tacks of financing such an endeavor. I taught an extra class to pay for this and things still went over the limit. Not an excessive overage, but it got my attention. All possible corners were cut ad nauseaum. Shooting it in the midst of Xmas was also a stressor. It was the best we could do as far as scheduling was concerned.  I managed to give my family a decent enough XMas. I told them not worry about me; them being content with what I got for them and this movie will be my Xmas gift. The expenses of it all  wreaked some serious havoc though, havoc that needs to be remedied by this month’s end. I have reached out to my family with this, asking for donations. They want to see the trailer first. That’s cool, ’cause… don’t get me started about the footage again. I mean, I will, if you want me to… I have several cousins involved as far as making music for it is concerned, so I’m using this as a vehicle to help as many family members who have creative ambitions. It’s a thing of them helping me help them.

We mapped out strategies for the major promotions: getting into the product placement conference, crowdfunding (most likely Indiegogo), local resources… With Indiegogo, I realized crowdfunding is not some youtube type of deal where you post a video and a summary and wait for the money to roll in. You have to stay up on it it 24/7. We’re going to shoot a 2 minute video of me talking to the public about it to start off, then on a seperate link, we’ll hit ’em with the trailer. We need to do this 2 minute video soon. School starts back next week and I’m feeling edgy with my hair (it’s in a low-key mohawk at the moment). Might scare off conservative resources. Oh well, I’ll just wear a hat if it’s needed.   I need to come up with the rewards and perks for all donations levels, sync facebook/twitter/IG postings for maximum exposure… look into  creating a website for the movie. It all requires money. And I’m not even talking about money for film festivals. What’s the point of making a movie just to have it sit on a shelf, to have it not be seen (distribution) or generate revenue? I’m doing this because I believe in the story’s power to reach others and know what it can do to further my career in creating other projects.


Deeana should be finished with the rough cut of the trailer by next Friday. The sooner I get the final version, I’m going to be a circulating, fundraising fool! The trailer is my business card. Without it, I’m just another dude talking big talk. To show thanks to the cast and crew, I e-mailed them a copy of the North of the Grove novel I wrote (I love to write!).   I also am dealing with having to cut the 33 page script to something under 15 pages. God, it’s gonna hurt. My literary background is going deep into description and dialogue. I’m up to the challenge though. Now I really see why the movie adaptations to film are so abbreviated and different. Oh well, off to work, in so many ways. I drove home in the New Year’s Eve traffic excited about the new year and all the possibilities, achievements and new experiences awaiting all of us.



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