Whatever doesn’t knock me out had better start running…


Man, oh man! It’s amazing how things can open up in a matter of days – even hours. In our last exciting installment I was – aw hell, read it yourself. Anyway, the challenges to raise the funds for http://www.northofthegrove.com  were testing your boy’s mettle. I began to realize I was responding to the challenge in a more positive, creative fashion courtesy of good friend Derek Dodd. I did what he said and reached out to highly successful business leaders and the like for more insight about my path to getting this movie done and my film career thereafter, right? Well, I got home the other day to find that I won this:


A free consultation! And his book! Vince is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and investor who has mentored quite a few successful entreprenuers. I’ve been following Emelyn Stuart of Stuart Films and when this opportunity came up I was ready. In the meantime, I’m following Dodd’s advice of offering my blogging services to different sites (problogger.com), which will then raise my profile and have more people reading what you’re reading now. When larger numbers of people read this, there is a greater chance of some contributions for the movie  coming in. It all works hand in hand. Dodd’s so resourceful. And why not? Clearly, I love to blog. Why not use what I love to do to help me to the fullest?

Oh and then I get word from the elegant Michelle McKoy of the wonderful Miami Film Life Center.


(I really love that place.) She advised me to fill out some information for possible funding on down the line.  Did it with a quickness, folks. Had a good convo with Off 7th Garvey director Irwin Moon last night on how to tweak the submission of the show to Aspire Network. Learned a lot, which, according to The Wealth Choice author Dennis Kimbro is important because either we grow or die. Quite honestly, I haven’t felt myself growing in years. I’ve felt as if I’ve been spinning my wheels in academia and traditional publishing with written articles, novels and biographies that are deemed too edgy and creative, with trying to regain the tenure I had in Virginia (that I should have demanded that I retain when I came to Florida Memorial U.)… I feel like I’ve found a pathway to make the most of my talents, a pathway that will, ultimately, make all related endeavors more agreeable and lucrative.

Feelin’ like Mayweather, ducking and slapping punches away. Getting a sense of my opponent’s timing, when they drop their guard. Stay tuned. I’m about to start swinging back something sweet.


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