Being trifling for a good cause while discussing family matters in public

20140125_134106 (1)

Getting wisdom and  wicked comedic timing from Real Husbands of Hollywood writer Chris Spencer.

Real Husbands of Hollywood writer Chris Spencer brought it at Miami Film Life Center’s latest Master Class yesterday. Good friend Russell Motley did his light-skinned best (ha!) to keep up with Spencer who brought  a shot of humor at every turn. Spencer spoke on everything from the importance of his stand-up career helping his writing for sitcoms and award shows, to the added emphasis on female friendly material (oh well, I can be challenging and friendly), to the biggest of all in my opinion, having something to show execs as opposed to just passing someone a screenplay to read. He insisted Hollywood is not into just sitting around to read a script or hear an idea pitched when people are shooting scenes of concepts with I-phones and putting them on Youtube.
I thought about it and it made sense. Even if they don’t like the quality of your camera or your lead actor, they still can experience the heat (or sizzle reel, as I’m hearing more often) of your idea. Just as South Florida mover and shaker Ayodele A. Vassall-Gore had told me before the Spencer started, I am fifty miles ahead of anybody who is just walking around talking about what they want to do. I got the same understanding from my family when I was trying to get them to sign on to donate what they could to help me offset all of these unexpected expenses from shooting the trailer. As soon as I got the trailer sent to them, I got commitments from a few (even younger cousins just starting into college contributed!) to send something soon or by the end of this month. Makes sense, too. I’m sick of talkers  mydamnself. Show me something.

spencer (1)That’s me to the far right with my energetic son, Amiri.

As I noticed some bonified show-and-prove people in the audience like actress Tiffany Pittman and buckwild comedian Will Hatcher, one thing became apparent; There’s a lot of folks in the biz in South Florida doing their respective projects as islands unto themselves, which slows down everyone’s productivity because the necessary resources aren’t utilized enough for everyone to come up and execute. Reasons for this, according to sitcom Family Matters star Jomarie Peyton (yep, she was there), were ego and laziness (yeah, she got down to it). The ego issue concerned producers not being willing to be actors or directors not being willing to play some other role in order to get a project done. If anything, contributing in different aspects would make me more well-rounded (yes, I’ll consider a bit acting part maybe). After constant questions about all of us getting together periodically , more like a family, to network more closely, lists were made and passed around. The light began to turn on. I signed with a quickness.

20140125_133739Getting historic with ABFF (American Black Film Festival) founder and CEO Jeff Friday.

ABFF (American Black Film Festival) founder and CEO Jeff Friday was on the scene. Very cool! I figured I would meet him after I had my film completely done. Dude seems mighty cool. Get this, he said the ABFF will have a family-centered film contest starting in two weeks. Although North of the Grove has an edge, he said I could submit the trailer! Problem child #1 (North of the Grove co-star) Chante Bowser was on hand (as she always is). She’s ready to link me up with Maverick (the distribution company) to see if they’ll fund us to finish. That means I have at least three other ways to get the movie funded besides indiegogo. I like the sound of that. I gotta say, though I give ol’ girl a had time, she has really educated me lately. Production Hounds staff Erica Ash and Abai Dunbar was there soaking up the knowledge. We chatted on what were the next steps we needed to take to raise the money for the film, guess who showed up and got to the mic? Trenae Floyd, the lady putting together the product placement expo. I told her I was going to be there somehow someway. I have already looked up the hotel. The uniforms are standard black and white. I can (and will) have something put together when I get there. I’m meeting too many people and being introduced to too many options in getting this done for this to fall by the waist side.This is being trifling for a good cause. I’m complicate like that. I will straight up impersonate an employee to find some sponsors in that expo if I have to (and be bold enough to take pics while I do it!) Watch me.


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