That hated V-word and Aggressively debriefing in a house of mirrors



Time to start swinging them ‘chucks and chippin’ teeth up in here.

Your boy felt a lil beat down last post. Still having the shakes from being so vulnerable with you all during the last post, too. Vulnerable, ugh. It’s the new age male buzzword for being – hell, I don’t know, vulnerable I guess! That word… Know what? I was just aggressively debriefing, that’s all. (Yes, it sounds like a flasher that will fight you if you don’t look… I don’t care!) I went to that Product Placement Expo pumped after a Derrick Dodd pep talk and met some interesting people. And I killed those pitches, you hear me?! Tailored them to each person I spoke with!  A few were folks I pitched I learned the hard way that there is no situation where you pitch your movie to a corporate big wig to become impressed and support your project monetarily  in order to be featured in it. That’s the impression me and quite a few other folks (like Erica Ash, on hand for other Production Hounds projects) were given about it. So, could they help me? Did they help me?

In a sense.

Now as with most things regarding filmmaking, it’s more complicated than that. Each would stop me cold and say it was more of a thing of say… if Micky D’s liked your project, they’d let you film a scene at one of their drive thru’s and they do something like feed your cast and crew for the day. I was taken aback by that right there. However, having such arrangements would lower this ugly 28k that looms overhead budget wise. I met a sharp sister named Tandelya Wilder, she runs a pr agency called SheGotGame media (gotta love professional black businesses determined to describe themselves in black vernacular). She explained to me that having a higher profile could definitely help raise the money. I met a guy named Steve Weatherly of Stuffmaker USA. Dude has a damn machine that can turn whatever you draw into a three dimensional object! I can see Howard possibly getting David’s metal man done into an action figure of sorts for David. That would be awesome, since David is quite the artist.

The next day I met with SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors’ Guild) This is the union for actors and what not. I was told that they could assist in finding the resources to fund the film. Was that the case?

In a sense, again.

I was told more of the bartering aspects of lowering the budget, even considering getting the crew to work “in kind” (as in for free) for the sake of exposure. As if they aren’t already starving themselves. Getting in this game sure has a hell of a lot of freebies (on my end) attached to it. Never expected to get rich overnight, but… damn. I’m losing money as it is. I was given a lot of paperwork to finish in order to be able to pick from a pool of upper level actors to audition for open roles. I’m in the process of finishing those soon. Having an actor that’s known helps with marketing and all that. And funding. My neighbor just smiles at me with her peaceful self when I rattle off all this stuff, “Oh William, the perfect time is coming. Be certain.” Yes, ma’am.

Since money is mad tight, I went back to a tutoring agency I was trying to avoid and told them I’d like to go ahead and do training so I can start work. I have already figured out that with the little that they pay, it wouldn’t amount to much after gas and time from home… still I have to do something. Is that desperation? I’m not so sure. At any rate, it’s something within my control.

Also, I met with Tony Lesesne and Will Hatcher to discuss what we all could start working on together. Well, Lesesne came with the idea of me playing a stiff, conservative professor and Hatcher being a new, young brash professor rattling my cage at every turn. I like it – even if I have to act in it. It’s something quick and possible to do with little need for anyone outside of our circle. The idea is to do two minute spots on youtube and just build an audience from there. It can only give me more credibility with the film -which can bring more money for fundraising.

I also chatted with Ayodele Vassal-Gore, who assures me that she is the queen of bluntness. Well, I’m thinking of her being my entertainment lawyer. As we talked  however I noticed she has a desire to get into producing… I might really have to see about her getting involved in that capacity with this project. I’m sure her contacts can help. I feel like I’m coming across too many people that are giving me that Hollywood fabrication with what they can do. Folks lie to you when it isn’t even necessary. I walk up to a door someone has instructed me to and instead of getting the resources they have explained and assured me of, I find another long ass hallway with more doors along each side. Oh, and mirrors everywhere. Like Bruce Lee when he’s tip toeing around trying to kill the villain in Enter the Dragon. If her being blunt is something I can count on to tell me what is really what in this house of mirrors, then I’m with it.

All this I did within the last four days. So a lot has happened since the last post.  And more needs doing.


This making sense to you know? Whatever it takes man. Whatever it takes.


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