Bustin’ a move (without my jheri curl and kamikaze headband)


Everybody always said I looked like Turbo so…

My business consultation with Vince Harris introduced me to a funky fresh (yes, an homage to the graphic) way of thinking that made me feel stupid for not seeing it for myself. Dude said, basically, hustling is for suckas, a lame’s game, meaning the work of one man, however hard, is only one man, whereas leverage, or the combined efforts of a team, is productivity on a whole new level. Granted, dealing with the laziness of others can be more than taxing. It brought up a major point: I’m attempting to do too much of this PR, fundraising, networking all on my own.  So, after, writing down his suggestions for how I could leverage my efforts, I began to email the NOTG family to get them started on small, yet important assignments in keeping this going. The main one is for them all to record two one- two minute videos from their phone of themselves. One video is them discussing their role in the film, the other about what got them interested in this line of work and other projects their into. That way I ain’t whoring myself like some needy reality TV show star for attention in order to keep the fundraising on folk’s minds. Brilliant, Harris!

And some funds are coming in from my aunt Debbie and uncle Chris… So grateful!

Looks like I’m going to have to start an LLC company for my film production needs, too. I gives me the legitimacy I need and a sense of privacy. People can get nervous giving donations to you in your name as opposed to an entity. I understand that. My uncle Wilbert hipped me to the challenges of having an LLC and said I should check with my tax consultant – and she says… the big thing to know is that an LLC does not necessarily protect you say, some doofus actor injures themselves on your set and wants to sue you. Even if the company doesn’t have the money, they’ll come after you anyway, so it’s really all about having the proper liability insurance more than anything else. I’m just saying. So, I’ve been considering the following for the logos and what not. Please leave comments below on which you prefer:

A. hobbsent3  B. hobbsent5 C. hobbsentlogo2

I had my family give me their opinions and would you believe responses came out to a damn tie? Such drama. Oh yeah, haven’t finished my SAG paperwork to get a high profile actor for the NOTG cast either. This week has been homecoming at Florida Memorial University so, one the kids want professors to be on hand for everything and with it being February, black folks get sought after to speak and different functions and all. Add to that we have a newly appointed president (Dr. Roslyn Artis) and people are in quite a celebratory mood about it (myself included – Dr-Roslyn-Clark-Artis).  I will get those papers done soon though. I’ve been… (hah! almost said the word hustling) relentless in finding some online tutoring type situation to help with the finances. Monster.com, Ziprecruiter, glassdoor.com (shouldn’t mention any onf them until they find me something). Just got notices that my oldest son is to graduate from high school this June. Wow, high school.

Time flies, y’all.


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