House shoes, Cereal and Online Therapy – in Real-time


Mornin’. I suppose this is another dip in the rollercoaster. Wait, let me finish this last bit of cereal… Ok, the deal is looking shaky concerning the publicity arrangement that is supposed to help me get the attention needed to drive folks to, so – you’re about to watch your boy talk (or write) his way out of a weekend-long funk. I woke up several times throughout the night this weekend, mouth dry and back soaked with sweat trying to figure everything out at once. I got back to sleep murmuring the Vince Harris quote “I am more than what I have become!”

We saw the Lego movie and About Last Night this weekend and it felt like my chest was caving in from watching the trailers to the other movies. My wife says I am impatient for success. Yeah, yeah… Maybe so. I have a schedule and I am not playing. I know God has the ultimate say on when. It’s just that I get to thinking that the opportunity to find that one person to kick all this in high gear is at some function that I couldn’t attend and – let me stop. Trust the damn process…

Success, at this point, is simply getting this film done. Solutions up, problems down, so, I signed up to volunteer as a greeter at this swanky golf and auto show in Boca Raton next week. I’m getting more business cards ready today. I’ve retooled it and I’m getting them done on a better card stock. I’ve got to find the people to help me fund this.

I had a chance to chat with my pastor Gary Wallace  at my church yesterday. The church has been trying to get my wife and I more involved. With this month being February, it is more difficult than usual; everybody’s looking for someone black educated or talented in some way for black history month. I have managed to avoid most of that, however, with chasing tutoring opportunities and networking to get this film done so… It felt good to be able to discuss the project knowing that I wrote it from the heart – to explore something important and not just for entertainment. I am going to email him the rest of my information about it today. At least he’ll know we’re not blowing them off. Met a lawyer named Charles Watkins who gave me some advice on setting up the LLC (very cool). Met videographer Cameron Grant at the church as well. Looking to have him come by and see if he can record my video lectures for my online classes. There’s a website Derek Dodd showed me where you can create your own online classes. I’m excited about it.

I also wrote three episodes for the webisode project. I’m pleased with them – so far. (Ha!)

I’m still revising the North of the Grove screenplay. Akil DuPont showed me a site to help me continue to work on the script You could say, “damn, when is this dude going to be done?” I’ll keep at it until I’m satisfied. This is a process that I actually enjoy – especially when I think everything else surrounding it is going too slowly.

I go out places now and get recognized by people of the actors and crew and get asked, “how’s it going?” Explaining can be complicated. It’s what I signed up for, actually, to put my intentions out there to keep from going back. It’s just difficult sometimes to explain to people who are not in the business.

To people not in the business… I’m chuckling to myself. I’m in the business, dammit. Yeah, I’m feeling better…


This movie is getting done. I am more than what I have become.


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