Taking the Show to South Beach


Me getting in the mix at the masterclasses held at  the Miami International Film Festival.

It had been a while since I won something. Something made me check my facebook page early Saturday morning though. There was, this chance to win a ticket to the Miami International Film Festival’s masterclasses – all you had to do is post the actor who played Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs (Steve Buscemi, who the hell doesn’t know that!). I put in the info and within an hour I had won and was flying down I-95 to South Beach, where it was being held. It was a class that addressed everything from permits to post-production. Naturally, I wanted to see what they could tell me about financing. What I got was a confirmation that Indiegogo and the like are a lottery damn near and that it’s no knock on my project if I haven’t gotten the needed traffic. Cool, still this movie’s getting done somehow.  Unlike the Miami Film Life Center , who I love and am trying to help them raise funding to continue to exist (I know, I know… I’m spread out everywhere), I had the feeling that, aside of from President/CEO at KijiK Multimedia Inc. Kevin Sharpley (the guy whose contest allowed me to come), I was the only African-American there. Very interesting mix of people.  I learned about how the digital camera wiped out celluloid (old school film), how CGI is more affordable, and how technology has it where people can do voice overs and what not for animation films via Skype so the whole on location issue is bypassed. I’m looking forward to using all that knowledge one day.


 Kicking it with the man that made it possible, Kevin Sharpley.

Backtrack: Had to grab something quick to eat before I went into the session, so where did I go? The same place I always complain about, Starbucks! Got an egg salad sandwich that wasn’t the greatest. Halfway through the session, I gave myself the test and licked my hand and smelled it. What?! My own breath’s disrespecting me? Damn you, Starbucks. I prayed the sandwich wasn’t outdated. This was not the time to be sick. I bobbed and weaved as best as I could as I mingled, hugging folks and getting business cards like I had the flu or something. Oh, and they were digging my card.

creative card5MIFF folks loved the creativity, just so you know.

Had a break between the next session. I really enjoyed this group of people. Here we were, these serious, pensive types in jeans, simple T’s, loose blazers and highbrow black-framed glasses  on South Beach amidst fake breasts and poodles carried around in bags. Just throwing the whole scene off with discussions on espresso, cameras and frontal nudity in European films!   


Yearning to learn from Brad Bernstein.

The next session gave me mad inspiration! It was about what to expect from the film festival circuit when you get your film accepted. I wrote down a bunch of notes. A  lot of the panelists, with MIFF being so international, had heavy accents. Luckily, moderator and Jonah Hill lookalike Brad Bernstein of Corner of the Cave, helped out in that area. He also gave me some ideas about different programs that can help me get NOTG finished. He also gave me the kick in the ass I kind needed to here, that a lot of this is simply about getting out there and meeting people. The schmoozing. The lunches. The drinks. I kind of was depressed over how things were going during the past few weeks and was keeping to myself. But no, he’s right. I got his card. I intend to learn a lot from him and soon. In the meantime, I will release the novel to NOTG on kindle.  Printed copies can be ordered now through CreateSpace.com @  https://www.createspace.com/4704423


I’m going to get buzz going through the book while I continue to meet and greet the movers and shakers. I will refrain from old egg salad sandwiches from Starbucks while doing so.


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