Taking tests from a study guide written in a strange, sadistic ancient language



I can relate to The Game of Throne’s Drogo these days… getting tested at every turn.

I could tell you that, in less than three weeks of dealing with getting my son’s car’s transmission fixed, that mine just went out. I could tell you about sitting half the day in an auto garage’s lobby with a 200 plus pound  Puerto Rican guy annoyed that the horn on his Astrovan won’t shut off and that it’s keeping him from getting to the gun range (of which he shows and takes out the clip of his beloved Beretta, bullets thumping all over my damn feet.) Yeah, I could go into all that. I could. I won’t though. I will emphasize the importance of knowing when I’m being tested. Doing so will keep you from hearing about me in the news for going  midieval on folk. This test seems to be all about how you respond. Here are some responses I’ve been throwing at this test lately:

I’ve found a website that shows you how to build your own site. As you can see in the attachments below, I’ve set it up well enough, I’d say. The program allows me to add more pages that could be dedicated to promoting many of my talented relatives and friends. I look to have it up by next week.
home page
 Haven’t had the funds to get that Hobbs LLC set up yet though. In the meantime, North of the Grove the novel as being discussed with some people in the Broward County school system to get it into the schools. If I mentioned it in my last post, I’m sorry; maybe I need to restatement to keep me focused. Got my first book signing set up, too. I’ll be at Florida Memorial University’s bookstore April 10th, signing them and hamming it up.  

Just celebrated the eldest son Ashanti’s 18th birthday as matter of fact (and the 20th anniversary of my brother’s disappearance – that’s another story for another time). Even though things were tight, I was able to get him a new phone. I wanted to do more. I promised to as well. Made him this cool, album-ready graphic. Everybody likes it, him especially. He’s easy to please I’d say. That’s a blessing that I don’t take for granted. 

The organization that has the grant I’m after just got funded for another year, so I do what I can to stay on them about that possibility. I’ve been talking with Jose-Antonio Valencia, president of Bless Media & Entertainment. Dude is really deep. I guess you could say he’s a life coach for entertainers, the voice in your entourage that speaks up when you’re getting too excessive and full of yourself. I met him at the Miami International Film Festival.  During a chat yesterday morning he shares with me his mantra:
Live for a cause
not for applause
Live to express
not to impress
Going beyond making your presence known
so that your even absence is felt
I gotta work that in with my morning meditation and mantra.  Nice. Looking forward to talking with him. Had a good talk with success coach Derek Dodd. After giving him my resume (I’ve got to get more going to keep things afloat, not even concerning the film) he assured me that all that I’ve been facing is indeed challenges for growth.  I’m relaunching the crowdfunding campaign. I’m hoping I just need more traffic this time for more contributions. To that end, I’ve also got a decent press release now, something I’ll come out with soon.  I’m going to give this backstage/indiegogo campaign two months.  Swallowed my pride and repeated to the family that I could use some support in getting this project going and my cousin Elyse sent me something that day!  
In short, the key to this test is just remaining diligent, I think.  I felt I had a good track record with that so yes, I was making moves, yesterday. Running errands in the car, feeling good, thinking about it all in retrospect. And then check engine light lit up on my dashboard…   

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