How to make a movie in 48 hours…


That’s me, looking to take on the challenge issued by Miami 48 Hour Film Project Coordinator

Cathleen Dean and her big-voiced (I’m dead serious) assistant, Dr. Chetachi Egwu.

Make a film in 48 hours? Hell, I’ve been trying to get mine done for months so you I had to check this out. Miami Film Life Center had  an informative session with the Miami branch of the 48 Hour Film Project group yesterday. It’s a contest where you get teamed up with people in your city and are given 48 hours to make a 4-7 minute film. To keep you from trying to work on anything ahead of time, your team is given a genre you have to work in right before your time starts ticking. I’m going to be in this. I am determined to be a writer in it, maybe even dabble with directing. I’ll even act if I have to, so if you see me as a Zombie that beat boxes as he stalks you, a cowboy with cerebral palsy in a spaghetti western, or some wingman in some romantic piece… well, you’ve been warned.

The objective is, for lack of a better word, timely. The idea is to kill the luxury of second guessing and doubting yourself by allowing so little time to complete the task. People freeze up when they can rehash and agonize over every little thing. I came across a saying from CEO of VaynerMedia Gary Vaynerchuk that “intention trumps all,” which means that the ideal conditions to do anything or to execute it perfectly will never come, so it is best we get on with what we have to do what needs doing. Somehow in the process, faith must prevail that all will be learned and revealed in due time.   This can be a hard one to accept in this perception is everything world we live in. I’m rolling with it, though. I’m tired of perfection paralysis. In order to kill the luxury of doubt and procrastination, we must make time an enemy.  Necessity is the mother of… aw hell, you feel me, right? (Forgive me, when I blog on Sunday mornings, I get easy… all generous with the wise sayings, aphorisms the adages.)

I met some interesting folks that I could be working with on whatever team I’m on. People like the colorful Zyan Jarrett, the get-to-down-business-minded Kimberly Grant of the South Florida Times and the uber-knowledgeable Roshawn Wilson of Media Daddie Films, LLC.  Registration should begin in May. My main man Will Hatcher came through. This brother is about to do a TedTalk, y’all! I am so proud of him. We chatted it up with Miami Film Life Center’s director Michelle McKoy, who is giving me tips on how to persevere and make this second crowdfunding campaign for stick.  Which is cool because my first book signing for the novel that I wrote that inspired the film is set up and ready.


It’s going down, baby.  Stay tuned.    


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