Hugged in a warm embrace with headbutts to the face

Victims complain and whine while creators focus on what they want. I want to give you the sweet and sour of the moment. The hugs and headbutts of it all. That’s what I want to do. I suppose it all will be a washout. I am relieved and exhausted. Hopeful and pissed. Yesterday was an odd day of extremes, one of relief and exhaustion, hope and pisstivity (the art of being pissed), I had to take the car back to the mechanic. That thing sounded like an abused lawn mower doing some gangam-style assed chug-a chug mess at red lights. Now, after a $2000 plus for the transmission fix, they’re talking new ignition switches, spark plugs… a tune up in essence. Understandable. The timing: not so much. I still haven’t nailed the rewrite for the screenplay. Filmmaker mentor Akil (DuPont, that is) told me it would take time but if the budget depends on the final draft… oh hell, I’m opening up the floodgates today! You heard it first. I’m restarting my indiegogo campaign to finish the North of the Grove film today. I don’t give a damn! Intention trumps all!

 The video gone micro-viral

here Oh, as you can see, copies of the book that inspired the film came in! Very excited. So gratifying to have a vision come into full form. I opened the first copy and the type is size 11. I recognize how small those two 1’s look as you read this and its perfect for how damn small the type looks! My head felt like a vise was tightening over my temples when I saw that shit! Thank God most of the book’s written in quick e-mails, texts, and facebook IM’s. The space between exchanges makes it bearable. Ok the plus side of this is: This printing becomes not only historic but limited and easily recognizable (I made two changes to the cover to make sure of  it). People will be able to tell from the cover and size that whoever owns the book got the very first printing ever. Also the small type made for a smaller book, which made for a cheaper book. The increase is not going to be ridiculous, however I gotta make adjustments for the 70 plus pages for larger printing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. So, some massaging with older folks already in bifocals is in order. Folks who most likely sit at desks that wield power to interview me over radio stations and endorse my book to be read in schools. At least for this limited book run.

Then Erica, the film’s producer, emails me that I need to get a document made for the actors stating its cool to have their image on the book (the agreement they signed initially for the project was apparently only for the movie. Silly me, I thought it all went together). Wouldn’t want to be sued for some goofy technicality, so I’m working on that ASAP. So much to learn. After another pep talk from success coach Derek Dodd, I got some progress… the book club I’m a member of (More than Words Book Club) is reading the book for next month! Two members had already read it and were vouching for it to the others (that’s the best, when you can just shut up and let other folks give your work shine.) I am pumped about that! Bit the bullet and paid to shoot out a press release to the major outlets, complete with links to the amazon page and crowdfunding page. And for some reason, close to 50 people have followed me on twitter over the last four days. I’ll be doing three radio interviews next week as I gear up for the April 10th booksigning. The students are at me to get copies before that.

To help defray these unseen PR costs, your boy is getting his T-shirt game poppin’:




If I get 50 orders in, Teespring sends me $240. The first crowdfunding attempt to fund the movie didn’t work. The novel campaign’s me backing up to get a running start on that sucker this time.

All of this sounds so lucrative. Things is, I need all of this and more  just to absorb the bills I’ve ran up getting the trailer done (wait, gotta add this car stuff to that as well, which still is not over.)

I want to be at a point where I feel like I’m grinding for success not to be prepared to be able to afford the next crisis, but for the truth; because, dammit I love using art to learn deeper truths about the human condition – and because I love the idea of being able to create things that mean something to people’s lives.  Hugs and headbutts. I wake up at odd hours of the night and whisper prayers for  a helmet.

Off to the garage. I’m told I need to get the distributor replaced. It’s leaking oil all over the transmission.



One response to “Hugged in a warm embrace with headbutts to the face

  1. Meroen is a classic– you tapped a sci-fi historic vein that still inspires me to research the ancient future. Keep it up Hobbs your work is not in vain!!

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