Grinding to a narcoleptic shine that blinds

You know how I do… meeting folks. Making the scene. Nodding off. LOL.




AT the NOLA held at O Cinema. Hanging with Indiefilmclub founder Jacho Jose.

Checked out the latest Indiefilmclub’s NOLA  (I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO LA) event. It promotes Miami indie filmmakers determined not to go to the West coast to get things done.  I met Jose Jacho of the Indiefilmclub here in Miami. I had met him some time before but I really made it stick this time by presenting him with a copy of the North of the Grove novel. He was gracious and introduced me to Vivian Marthell of the O Cinema (where NOLA is held). I asked her about possibly doing a book signing at the theatre for fundraising and she blew my mind with ways of fundraising I hadn’t even considered! I have to step my game up in that regard the next time I chat with her. It made me want to meet Indiefilmclub Executive director Diliana Alexander all the more. She is one of the few people in town I heard of definitely being able to help get film funding.

Ashaine Briscoe, one of my Miami Film Life Center family was on hand. Her short “Roadside Assistance” was shown. Ol’ girl’s got a sense of humor in that one for sure. She’s from the ATL and full of sass. I wanted to stay and cheer her film on but I had to run and present awards at my campus poetry troupe’s function on campus – and do a radio station interview about the upcoming booksigning.

Got a chance to break away from the grind to see my frenemy Yanela Mio Gordon get married in Tallahassee. Her wedding had her personality through and through, classy yet spirited. Back in the day, she and I would fuss back and forth like Martin and Pam on the Martin Lawrence Show. And yes, I’d always win! Ol’ girl really looked beautiful. (Alright, no more compliments!) I ran into several classmates who actually walked up and asked me how the filming was going. Take David Barrow Wiley for instance, dude is making moves over there at Florida State’s film school. Walked up and asked me how my stuff was doing!  I had to remind myself that I do this blog and all these other things to get the word out. It felt good to know people outside of my everyday movements keep up. I was given a few more folks to connect with while I was there. Chatted with my cousins who live in Tallahassee as well. Had the most in-depth conversation I’ve ever had with anyone about strategies and eventual compromises needed to get the project done. Talking with people who have not had the creativity scared out of them works wonders for the soul!


Learning a few things about film from Dr. Dana Dennard at Nefertari’s.

Had lunch at the famous Neferetari’s, where co-owner Baba Dennard held court. He is actually the main inspiration behind the character of Dr. Lovelett in North of the Grove, full of wisdom, a standard to reach for in so many ways. He’s a psychologist, yoga instructor, author and filmmaker (21 Doors of Legba’s Dreams) Yes, all that, damn the pigeonholing. He walked right up and asked about the film too. That was cool. I told him the deal, everything is cool except for the fundraising. He says money should not be the end all be all deal in whether or not a film can be done. So we started getting into how one must learn along the way, that there is never a time of knowing everything and having all resources at hand. It felt good to hear that. Because this kind of thing is a mother:


I’m usually wired, energy-wise. Everyone knows this. Lately, I can nod off for no good reason at all. Driving up to Tallahassee, during regular afternoon hours had me fighting to keep my eyes open. I got enough sleep the night before so I don’t get it. I was standing up in a line order food at a restaurant and messed around and closed my burning eyes. Maaaan, look here… My legs got weak, like I would drop and just sleep as soon as my head hit the floor. I leaned my ass against the counter real quick. And there is this strange pain in the back of my head, left side. (I had been sitting in a raggedy office chair for a few weeks, so I figure it’s just that). Several people still come at me with this, you’re doing too much talk. I do dream lately of a day of being left alone of sleeping a lot, like ‘til noon. Like maybe during the summer…

But then, I’m teaching summer classes. That’s when I plan to finish filming too.


Meanwhile the crowdfunding ticks way.

I don’t know, weird moments. Things will get better.


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