Unplanned intimacy, a higher calling and cornbread

I’m at the computer. Typing. Hearing something pop in a good way at the base of my neck from looking higher up at the monitor (thanks to having propped it up with several books I should have given to Goodwill ages ago). Went to a chiropractor the other day about that hot, pulling pain that shoots up my neck into my skull. Stuff’s all twisted from years of lugging satchel bags full of papers and books to classes on the left shoulder.  Dude says I can be good as new after 3 months of seeing him. And he can help fix this whack rotator cuff so a brother can get his MMA on.


The booksigning went well enough. A bit small for the work put in. The turn out was crucial for me getting contact information from folks to keep them abreast of how fundraising for the movie is coming along. One of the reasons for the uber-intimacy may have been that the bookstore had locked the doors after I started reading – and I saw people looking through the window to come in! Florida Evans, would you please…

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


North of the Grove star Denim Edwards showed up and signed copies of the book.

I can see him getting used to the star treatment (’cause his momma gonna see  to that!).


As I read from the book and discussed my process in writing it, I spoke about the discovery I made earlier that week. During a men-only meeting discussing the community, it was stated that there are no substantial role model/mentoring programs in all of Miami Gardens. Yes, Miami Gardens, the place the news reports to first for all homicides and other titillating stories of moral decay. North of the Grove is about mentoring. Hell, should’ve named it North of the Garden. I figure, why stop at making the film. That’s just artistic production (which is important no doubt). The book and the movie need to result in some sort of program, some partnership with a like-minded entity to establish mentoring here. I began to state as much in the bookstore and will continue to do so. Having something tangible result from my art work is the ultimate.

That was confirmed after meeting one of the busiest humans I have ever encountered next to MK Asante, brother Roy Dockery of On Faith Entertainment, LLC. He came to campus to premiere and discuss the short film “Journey Home” to a group of sleepy-eyed Florida Memorial University students Saturday. The movie is based on the events surrounding the Trayvon Martin slaying. Man, look here, dude had to pick which business card to give people! He’s an executive at some medical firm, a rapper, the executive at On Faith. He too is more focused on sparking social change than celebrity.


The sooner the better. Got a military-style pep talk from success coach Derek Dodd to make sure goals are in line at home. So, had a long walk with Meka last night. It appears I went about the North of the Grove project backwards. Since money’s tight, she figures I should have came out with the novel first to raise funds solely from profits from the book instead of going after it with credit cards ablazing. Although whatever money that the novel generated then could still be seen as money taken out of the household, I’ll work this out. All of it.

Just applied for a grant. I got someone very capable looking to jazz up my media kit with graphics. Been chatting with Christopher Williams CEO/President of CornBread Management, LLC. (oh yes, that’s the name). Dude is quite a character and is quick to share wisdom. Meka wants to have us do joint signings, so that should be interesting. Although I didn’t make what I expected to at the booksigning, The North of the Grove novel is starting to circulate into important hands as well… My neck and head feel better. I’m taking my books to church today to sell. May God be on my side.


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