My book club discusses North of the Grove (my first exploration of video blogging)

You’d think that since the author’s in the room… well, as you will see, ain’t no holding back with this group. More than Words, the book club my wife and I are in, decided to take on my novel for this month’s discussion. This was extremely beneficial for me. I can use the feedback to tweak and rearrange things. You get a lot of niceties and compliments when coming out with books, movies any artistic production. Friends and family can blind you at times with that close-mouthed grin of  support that is easy to take hold to as snatching a runny egg yolk whole out of a bowl with one swipe of the hand. Not these people right here.

1. I need to change the clinical notes in the book. It’s slowing the read down.

2. Need to make the instant messaging aspect of the dialogue more obvious to non-facebook users.

3. Add more local flavor

Other concerns were things I’ve already jumped on. I upgrade with each printing of the book and it’s helping me envision how the rest of the filming for the film short should go. These are  some snippets from the meeting. Gotta get them to do the same for the film. One thing was for certaine, across the board, they all found the story compelling and rich.

That guy in the black and white short, shorts and flip flops (slides, that’s how people get down out here) is Eric Washington, the guy who gave me the inspiration to choose his hometown of Coconut Grove. The woman to his left’s his my wife and my cousin, Teresita. My wife’s in the gold, red and black top.

By the way, if anyone can tell me what is interesting about the brother in the group with the afro and glasses in regards to the book, I’ll send you a free copy of North of the Grove

More snippets are to come. Stay tuned.




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