Working on it on down to the wire

It’s set, folks. I’m going to get my frou frou on this Thursday, May 29th at  West Grove’s Kroma Gallery. Oh man, it’s working out quite well. They will have local artists there like my man Alan Laird, whose artistic pieces will serve as a segue way to North of the Grove‘s descriptions of the West Grove during that time. They’re also going to have the movie trailer player playing on a loop in one of the bays alongside other artists’ collections! Picture all that with some smooth jazz going and a select art/social activist crowd and media and boy look at here… Bam ! You hear me?

juliapalanlaird (1)

 Me and my dashiki adding color to Alan Laird and Kroma curator Julia Polonyi.


kroma (1)


Now, clearly, this undertaking has its challenges… such as the fact that your boy, forever on the upgrade, amassed an amazing cadre of folks (FMU professor Wayne Christensen and student Brianna Corbett) to find and destroy any iota of a typo in the novel. I even backed them up with getting a proofreader in (please check this site out, it’s incredible!). So with copy as clean as a whistle, I could not help but to celebrate by ramping up the book cover.

novel cover6


Oh yes.

So, where’s the drama in that you say? Well, with Memorial Day being Monday, I ordered the shipment of books for this event on Friday, expecting it to reach me by Wednesday. Hell, even arranged to be overnighted. No way in hell something ordered damn near a week in advance, to be shipped overnighted at that, can show up late, right? The operator was on the line saying the best they could guarantee is that it would reach my door on Friday the 30th. Maaaan, I asked myself what would my success coach, Derek Dodd, do. I I took a deep breath, forced myself to laugh and asked to speak to her supervisor. Me and her supervisor had us a discussion! She said she’d expedite my order as far as where it was in the process of being printed and would call me on Monday to give me further info on how that would hasten the delivery. Whew.  Me and UPS are about to get quite familiar with each other.

More artist folks with connections will be on hand for this (people who are connected to folks in the know for filmmaking down here) as well as people like the oh-so interesting Gordon Fales, who are in love with West Grove. I’ve put the word out to Florida Memorial University about it and have set aside some of my own time to talk to the audience for Members of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project and Mr. J.S. Rashid of of the Collaborative Development Corporation to address them with their respective missions. Slowly but surely, all of this is coming together. Helping celebrate a proud, neglected black town revitalize itself, promoting mentorship, developing ties to the literary and filmmaking community… In fact, I’d say more than I’d imagine may be coming from the North of the Grove project, if my instincts are correct.


Remember that banging Nina Simone portrait in the lost post? It was done by none other

than Tanya Yvette (clearly, the person on the left). Come to the

reception and check out her whole collection.



Kroma Gallery in West Grove.

Stay tuned.


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