Vive lon Ayiti (hope I got that right)

It’s been a minute. I know. A lot has been going on. One thing I was able to do, Friday, May 30th, on the final night of Miami dilly dallying around with the Pacers, was to check out the work of actor/director/poet/renaissance man Mecca aka Grimo. Mecca, also known as the Haitian Hulk, represents Haiti to the fullest, much in the same fashion as Howard wished he could in North of the Grove. The screening was at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Little Haiti (this is how you represent your culture, in the community, using community resources, bam!). Mecca and south Florida film enthusiast Michelle McKoy served as hosts. By the way, the auditorium there is beautiful, one of the many underutilized gems in black communities in South Florida.

boat (1)

I was able to drop in and check out the independent films “And I On the Opposite Shore” starring Mecca aka Grimo Marcelin, Madeystsha Altidor Lamarre and Skylar Rose Samuels. It won in the category of Best Short Short at the Harlem International Film Festival 2012. It dealt with the experimental portrayal of a couple’s fate dealing with each other in opposing sides of a socio-economic spectrum.


Next up was “Kidnappings.” The film focuses on Mario (Herman McGloun) after he is deported back to his native country of Haiti, where he finds himself in a bloody, multilayered web of intrigue along the beautiful backdrop of Haiti. Things begin to look better when Mario coincidentally meets up with an old friend, Jacques (Mecca aka Grimo) who happens to be a major shot caller in Haiti’s flourishing kidnapping industry.
Mecca made his intentions clear that, he promotes Haiti’s progressiveness and that the criminal character he plays in the movie is an artistic exploration and nothing more. Yes, the kidnapping/extortion story the film depicts, although once an issue in Haiti, is not the case now. Mecca seemed to really struggle with being seen as someone compromising their beliefs. My FMU colleague Russell Motley was there and assures him that there was no need for Mecca to have misgivings about the surprisingly well-executed film.

20140530_211230Biceps and brotherhood. Me and with Mecca, the Haitian Hulk.

I have to say that I like seeing artists give enough of a damn about what they put into the universe to have that kind of struggle within themselves. People seem willing to sell themselves out for anything these days. I’m sure the overall body of Mecca’s work will speak for itself, as I intend for mine to do as well. It was a good night to see an artist so passionate about their culture during Haitian Heritage Month. It was also a good night to see the Heat beat that ass and move on to the Spurs. #threepeat


IMG950828~2Me and the chocolate maven of Miami herself, Michelle

McKoy, kicking back in the auditorium control room.



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