A Daffy moment, romancing the senses and other notables…

I know. It’s been a minute. One, I’ve been quietly waiting for the 48hour film project to do right without me having to pull a Kanye up in here. “Love, Mary”, the short film I helped write, ain’t been nominated for jack yet! You know what? Having a moment…



Lady Briscoe.

Anyway, Ashaine Briscoe, the director, has shared a list of different festivals for us to enter into to get some notice. Festivals outside of Miami, mind you. Guess you gotta leave home and get acclaim for the homefront to appreciate you. Oh well.

 novel cover6

 Book mini-promo. (hit link)

Don’t know why the second sentence 

blinks like that in youtube. Working on it.

As for North of the Grove, I am making big strides with the book. It’s set to be read by four (so far, I want more) high schools in the fall. Awesome. You know this will definitely bring questions about the film. Yes, about the film… Some influential people have been reading the book and telling me that I’m doing myself a huge disservice by taking out so many issues that are vital to the black community in order to be within the short film format. Quite a compliment. So, just to see what I can do about that, I’m rewriting a new, more expansive version of the short film script. Something more amenable to webisodes and full feature formats. Yep, reconsidering different concept of structure and presentation. I got a valuable piece of advice this past week with all of this as well. “Don’t rush your project. If you do and jack it up, it may be your only chance to do a project.” I should have known that with all the teeth-gnashing I did after printing a slew of copies of the novel when it was still full of typos. I pray everybody involves patient with me. I am making progress. The end result will be more like a full course meal that romances the senses than some convenient, cheap and nowhere-near-as-fulfilling fast food hamburger.


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