Cameras, vacations and the glorious grind

Yes, it’s been a minute. In the duration, I was able to expand this experiment of writing North of the Grove as a webisode (still counts for filmmaking), develop it as a program for young boys,  buy a camera (a Canon), have my first legitimate vacation in three years and prepare my oldest son for his first year in college. Yeah, I am working feverishly as always. I’m excited about the three high schools signed up to read the novel this fall. Some more reviews/blurbs are coming in soon. I’m telling you, one day you’re going to walk past a book store and:


Bam! And you’ll go,  “Oh snap! That’s Hobbs!” So then you’ll going to walk in and:


Booyaka! Pow! Peeyohm! (southern child’s imitation of a gunshot) And you’ll go,  “Awww man!” I’ll be somewhere goin’ somethin’ like this. Shaa-mohn!

So yeah, the six week program I’m setting up for the North of the Grove Initiative is coming along well.  Its goals are to teach character-building principles to young black males (ages 14-17), as well as developing an appreciation for literature. The principles will be those highlighted in the book will be explored on a chapter to chapter basis. It troubles me to say I’ll have to add some sort of component where the boys will get yet another seminar on how to conduct themselves around the police thanks to the nonsense going on with Eric Garner and Michael Brown situation. I’m adding it even though, as a black man, there is no guarantee of any of us being able to go about our way if the wrong cop comes along. Obama’s name for his initiative (I am My Brother’s Keeper) is more real than you may think; We – in a very immediate and dispiriting way – are all we have.

All that is present as the family gets prepared to send Ashanti (he’ll call himself Will, but I ain’t got time for that) to his first year in college. He’ll be going to Florida Memorial University, majoring in music, minoring in computers (ah, the Plan B) where we both teach. It’s cool, we’ll just avoid him like the plague so he can keep his image going with his peers and all.


Oh yeah, I’ve been a judge of upcoming entries for Project Greenlight, too.  Lots of fun. Hit the link and join up. This give some inspiration to start trying stuff with my new Canon camera! Stay tuned. I’ve already gotten creative with my online class intros!


Be afraid.


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