Rocking nerd swag while making art make more of a difference

I’m making the rounds, connecting the dots here in South Florida. I have some good people setting it up for school officials to accompany me when I go to hand out the copies of North of the Grove to students of the three high schools up for reading it this fall. I have gone through my closet five times already trying to figure out what I’ll wear. After I got word of television journalist/motivational speaker Jeff Johnson coming to Florida Memorial University to push the importance of employment in the tech field, I loaded the car with business cards and copies of the book and put my face in the place.  I met a lot of the people who are serious about mentoring here in South Florida, one being vice mayor of West Park, Felicia Brunson! Well, I didn’t meet her… I actually went to school with her back at Nova Middle School. She has not changed a bit! Also met with the progressive and stylish brothers of the South Florida Youth Summit (I’ve got to step my mismatch game. Those dudes must have a stylist or something). They were behind bringing Johnson for the event and were very gracious. Anyway, this is me striking my power pose with the man of the hour. It’s a shame you can’t see how my gold pocket square accented the pattern of the shirt (buttoned to the top for that Raphael Saddiq, sexy, Tony,Toni Tone nerd swag). I’m an artist to the bone.


Building with radio personality/man of the people Jeff Johnson (yeah, he cut his locs.)

 I learned from speaker Lance Lucas, founder Digit All Systems, that over 80% of the world’s population does not have internet access. That’s a lot of jobs waiting to happen.  His speaking of learning how to code being more profitable than the drug trade. At a possible $62 dollars and hour, I would think so. You best believe I slinging books and cards to him and everyone else. In the meantime, I am painstakingly going over my webisode version of North of the Grove and working on the credo of doing it right meaning more than doing it quickly (I’m getting into this NLP thing for such bad habits with Richard Bandler. I think it’s helping).  North of the Grove will be so much more than an artistic achievement, more than an excuse to chat among the in-crowd and taste makers to feel important. I’m going to change people’s lives with what I’m doing.



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