Call it my Dangerous Minds move…

Yeah, as in the movie with Michelle Pfiefer looking to make an impact with youths of under-served communities (I’m mulling over that at-risk term these days). This is my approach in making a movement out of my North of the Grove project. Raising awareness of the book and its message through the classrooms in order for the support to be there while the movie process continues. Met with principal Debra Owens of Stranahan High. She was very receptive to the project and quickly identifies the target audience in her student body that would benefit best from it. She also suggested I come up with a teacher’s guide to help the teachers with teaching it to the students. You know, something small and easy. Lord knows they have enough on their plates. So…


teach guide book

Bam! Booyah! Pee-yohm! (southern childhood sound for a gun going off) It’ll be ready for the teachers when the books are ordered. I stay on my grind, baby. Just sent a second revision of the webisode version of North of the Grove to my producer. She’ll look over it and then, we will be ready to start assembling folks to shoot, cast and all that stuff. It is so nice to know I won’t have to be into that side of this. It takes a lot.  A neighbor came  up to me after I walked Amiri to his bus stop to say that she loved my book! She’s going to send a copy to this guy here in Miami who specializes in making films based off movies. Stuff is clicking. A brother’s getting recognized! Looking forward to meeting the other two schools scheduled to take the book on (Dillard and Northeast. I’ll keep you posted.


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