Pardon my Kanye moment


Okay okay… damn. I ended the last post on a sour note. Hey, I have goals, you know… At any rate, I want to thank my success coach Derek Dodd, Darlene Anita Scott, CJ Staples,  Erica Ashley and many others who checked up on me. I suppose I was feeling sorry for myself (or not).  I’ve gotten some encouraging news today, nothing I will not into detail with until it materializes. Counting my blessings. Looking to reflect in a major way on New Year’s. I’ll come back stronger for 2015. Renting this house is getting old. It’s time to step up on some things. This project, my dream, must come along for the ride. If I gotta do that by clutching it by its weave and kicking it everyone in with a shoe missing (classic ratchet club drunkeness) so be it.   




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