Insane socks, mohawks, tuxedos and elevating my game for Trayvon Martins everywhere


Where there’s some Wills there’s a way: Me and fellow FAMUan

Will Packer, producer of  Takers, Think Like A Man, Ride Along

So much is happening now! I went to the Trayvon Martin Gala out here. Not only is it heart warming to be at a point where you can refer to members of Trayvon’s family by their first names (Sybrina, Trayvon’s mother, is from the Miami Gardens area and my wife Tameka has been instrumental in getting the Trayvon Martin Foundation housed on Florida Memorial University’s campus), but to run into heavy-hitters like Jamie Foxx, Micheal Eric Dyson, Michael Baisden and Will Packer was a good look for making connections.  I did the damn thing in a tux, as you can see . It took the edge of my mohawk. Fearing that I would blend in too much, I bought these funky, red, white a black striped socks so if I was not getting the proper shine for the scene I was setting I could have did some Michael Jackson tippy-toe move  and put everybody on notice. I’m just saying.

I emailed everybody I connected with that night. I mean, I’d shake a dude’s hand, get his card and run to the bathroom to email or tweet him my info immediately. Your boy was working that room! The gala started last years and, by all accounts, has grown in size and stature. Unlike me, Trayvon’s family clearly did not ask for this kind of platform. They’re making the most of it, helping other families like Vernon Jordan’s and Kendrick Johnson. So many families deal with this today. Families most will never hear about. All the more reason to help their visions and dreams reach the silver screen and video. I used the moving event to attack the challenges I am dealing with in keeping North of the Grove, and other developments, on course.

The  webisode project I’m on is moving along. That’s all I can say about it until things are locked down completely. I’m approaching it with the Emelyn Stuart saying that “one project leads to another.” I am in the process of revising the North of the Grove script to ensure it is the best it can be. Ayodele Vassal-Gore suggested it to make it as compelling as it can be. I reached out to fellow filmmaker (that’s right, fellow, Ha!) Akil Dupont to give me his thoughts and whew! Your boy got a schooling! The ideal length for a short is about 15 minutes (15 pages) and I’m at 20. Dupont brought a fresh-eyed perspective that showed me, yet again, I’m not supposed to be doing all of this on my own. My eyes grew too accustomed to what I had written and I was not seeing how certain scenes would read to the audience. I like the revisions I have been making, not to mention cutting film length has to help in cutting cost. So, even when that dollar amount on gets sluggish in rising, I am bringing the amount needed down from a different angle.

And speaking of which, I am very close to arranging a deal to set up my being able to be a client of a certain PR agency. I’ve learned that when someone googles my name and North of the Grove, not much is coming up, not even this blog! This means I need a digital media page and bunch of other material that I had never considered – and do not have the time to do. Not only that, but the opportunity to say, be an executive producer is presented to companies and what not by a PR firm instead of me, myself and I will bring better results. Hustling’s a one man grind, it’s time for leverage. I’m doing my success coach Derrick Dodd proud. Look at me, talking about moves I can’t even fully divulge yet. Some pics and the like I’m even saving for the fb movie page That’s right, baby. Exclusivity. Things are starting to sound more like episode of Extra! or Entertainment Tonight. ‘Bout time.


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